Sajidah’s Stickman Adventure!

Are you ready for part 2?

Stickman jumped off  the DV display and bumped into somebody he should’nt have…

Do you know what happened? He bumped into our headteacher, Mr.Millingship! Mr. Millingship had been very angry recently because children had deleted all the memory off all his electronic devices. 

“Oh, your a little rascal aren’t you? You deserve to go in the trash! I’ll take you to Class BS and  put you in the stinky bin!” he bellowed.

“Oh no! I’m stick man! I’m stick man! I’m not trash! Oh someone help me!”

Chapter 3

Luckily for Stickman, his cousins lived in BS, which they thought it stood for Beautiful Sunshine, but it actually stood as Boydon Stokes!

“Oh, Sam*, I’m coming!” Samantha, stickman’s sister shouted.

Thank you, Samantha! You really are a good sis’!” stickman appreciated.

Samantha took stickman out of the bin and dusted Shifa’s crisp and Humairaa’s chocolate off him. What an adventure stickman had had!

Thank you for reading the first 3 chapers of my story. If you want to read the rest please go to: hover over blogs then click on BS to read the rest! Thank you once again! Sajidah

*Sam is stickman


We are sad that our turn of PASS THE BLOG2 is finished!

3 thoughts on “Sajidah’s Stickman Adventure!

  1. Sajidah!
    Don’t be sad! Your story is amazing!!! Just keep on planning for the next turn of Pass the Blog 2. I’d be most willing to continue reading you!

  2. Sajidah, your story is hillaroius and I really enjoyed reading it!
    Don’t be sad, just keep on planning stories for the next turn of Pass The Blog 2!
    Bye, read u soon!

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